The Deacon-Peter Buell House


This remarkable, 1723 center-chimney, chestnut-framed Georgian farmhouse was constructed by Captain/Deacon John Buell and originally stood on a sixty-acre pitch in Litchfield near a place commonly called “Watch Tower.” Buell passed the dwelling on to his son, Peter, in 1734, who added the lean-to.

The house was held by the Buell family until it was sold in 1863. The family reclaimed it in 1923 and sold it for a final time in 1958.

In 1961, the house, narrowly escaping demolition, was rescued and moved to Milton. Here, the home was restored to reflect domestic life as it existed during Peter and his heirs’ occupancy. The Buell House stands as a document of 18th century rural family life in Litchfield.

Characteristics of the home include transverse summer beams, a pine-sheathed ceiling, six-over-four sash window above the entry and wide board chestnut and pine flooring.


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