About The Aid

Litchfield Aid LogoThe Litchfield Aid of CJR, was founded in 1911 and celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2011. The Aid was established by 12 Litchfield women for the sole purpose of supporting the programs and facilities of the Connecticut Junior Republic and has been holding various events to raise funds for the benefit of CJR since that time.

The Annual Open House Day Tour of Litchfield has been the Aid’s primary fundraising event. The Aid has hosted more than 65 house over the years.

For 2014, The Aid members voted in favor of giving the House Tour a “respite,” and are very excited about introducing a new event, “High Style in the Hills,” involving community merchants, designers and leaders in helping to raise funds for the programs and youth at CJR.

House Tour History

The Aid held its first Open House Day Tour of Litchfield homes in 1934. One of the earliest-known house tours in the United States, the benefit was so successful that it quickly became the organization’s emblem event. The Tour has continued since that time although it was not held every year during the 1930s and 1940s.

Historically, the tour has been held on the second Saturday in July and features five homes of architectural and/or historic interest in the Litchfield area. The homes have varied from year to year and the same house has not been featured more than once every five years.

For the 2013 House Tour Highlights, click here. To see photos of Tour flowers, click here.


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