About the Tour Flowers


Many visitors return to the Litchfield Open House Tour not only to experience the history and beauty of the town and the homes, but to also see the magnificent floral designs created by local community members.

The tour flowers have become legendary over the years, and it is the talent of Litchfield Aid members and friends of CJR who not only share their creativity, but also contribute cuttings from their own gardens to provide unusual horticultural material for the arrangements. Specialty flowers are also purchased to enhance the décor and color schemes in the various homes.

Flowers from the 2013 Tour

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This year, we are extremely fortunate to have Flowers of Distinction of Litchfield as our floral sponsor, passing along their wholesale discount to the Aid, thereby allowing more of the Tour revenue to go directly to the students of CJR.

In recent years, our committee has also become more involved in staging patios & pools, and kitchens with bread and fruit displays that enhance the ambiance of a particular scene.

Flowers from the 2012 Tour

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We hope you will enjoy the 66th Annual Open House Day in Litchfield and return home inspired to create your own unique arrangements.


One thought on “Flowers

  1. Think all the flowers were so tastfuly done in a manner that so complmented their surroundings and intentended period,,,,,,,excellent !!!!!

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