2013 House Tour

This year’s tour will feature five homes of historic and architectural interest in the quaint community of Milton.

Hidden away behind Litchfield’s country lanes and back roads, this storybook village features many fine homes, as well as the charming Milton Center Historic District, which flourished on waterpower until the middle of the 19th Century. Surrounded by farmland and woods, Milton is a lovely destination often missed by visitors to Litchfield.

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In addition to the featured homes, the self-guided tour will also include additional points of interest in Milton and Litchfield, including the Milton Congregational Church, Trinity Episcopal Church and Milton Hall, as well as the beautiful churches in Litchfield. The tour begins on the Town of Litchfield’s historic central Green.


4 thoughts on “2013 House Tour

  1. I have purchased two tickets and have them in hand, but there is no map to explain to us where exactly to go. Since we have to actually go through Milton to get to Litchfield, can I get the map in Milton so I don’t have to backtrack? Thanks.

  2. Tour programs with maps will be available on Saturday, July 13 at any house or point of interest on this year’s tour. There are several points of interest located on the Milton Green, including the Milton Hall.

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