Tour Information

Day Tour

This year’s day tour will be held on Saturday, July 13 from 10 AM to 4:00 PM. The tour begins on the Town of Litchfield’s historic central Green. Famous for its grand and elegant homes, Litchfield’s historic district offers visitors many opportunities for walking, fine dining and shopping in a quintessential New England town.
Pick-up tickets and maps at the ticket tent on The Green in Litchfield.

Evening Tour & Celebration

An evening tour and celebratory cocktail party will be held on Saturday night. The evening tour will be conducted from 4:00 – 5:30 PM, with a post-tour “Celebrate CJR Cocktail Party,” beginning at 5:30 PM. The cocktail party will be held at Lourdes of Litchfield, renowned for its lovely grounds and heavenly views.

Litchfield Points of Interest

The Litchfield History Museum and the Tapping Reeve House and Law School, recognized as the first law school in America, will also be included in the admission price of the tour. The History Museum is currently featuring the exhibition, “The Hour of Conflict.” This exhibition examines the ways in which the American Civil War impacted the residents of Litchfield, Connecticut in the 1860s, and will be on display for the House Tour.

Enjoy Lunch at CJR

Visitors may enjoy lunch at the Connecticut Junior Republic for $7.00 from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM. A choice of a seafood salad or smoked turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich plate, including pasta salad, brownie, and iced tea, will be offered by CJR students.

Students will also provide tours of CJR’s beautiful rural campus.

Seafood Salad Turkey and Swiss

For more information about the post tour and Saturday evening party please call the Connecticut Junior Republic (860) 567-9423, ext. 278.


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